Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tincturing Vanilla Beans

At the moment, I'm in a wheelchair, having ruptured my left calf muscle on Sunday. I cannot stand or walk and it may be several weeks until I'm up and about. So, I'm doing everything I can -sitting down. : ,) Fortunately, writing and teaching comprises a lot of what I do during a day. I've also started this blog and that is a form of teaching.

Vanilla Beans

It 's been a neat day today. I received the shipment of Vanilla beans and set about to tincture them into Everclear. I bought 3 oz of each of Planifolia and Tahitian vanilla beans.
I finely cut ten of the Planifolia and placed it into 6 oz of Everclear and did the same for the Tahitian. I'll leave them sit for several weeks and see what I have then.

soaked in Everclear

A few hours later, though, the alcohol was a lovely clear deep brown. Mmm. The smell around here was divine. Even though I did this at 8 o'clock this morning, the house stills smells like vanilla and it is 2:43 pm. I've washed my hands multiple times and they still smell yummy, smells wonderful already.

My great-nephew was visiting today and we went for a ride in my wheelchair. He loved sniffing my fingertips today.

I'll keep you posted as to how it all turns out.

The final product

The Vanilla Bean tincture has turned out fabulous, smelling delicious, just good enough to eat.


I received a comment on this post almost immediately. It was in Spanish, as follows:
Andrés Gustavo Fernández has left a new comment on your post "Vanilla Bean tincture": Me parece maravilloso y fresco tu Blog!! Gracias por darle tanta frescura a estos espacios.Te invito a visitar mi ¡gina personal en la que publico mis poemas y mis links (estos pueden interesarte mucho!!).Te envío un abrazo y te dejo mi dirección: Http://pachakamakinartimago.blogspot.comHasta pronto!!Andrés G. Fernández

So, I sent it to work for Norm's friend to translate and here is what it says in English:
I think your Blog is fresh and marvelous!! Thank for giving that freshness to these spaces. I invite you to visit my personal page where I publish my poems and links (they could be of great interest for you) I send you a hug and I leave you my address:

I wasn't able to contact this person via email so, will take the opportunity to say Thank You - Gracias for your kind words.

Lyn Ayre

off to figure out how to get the comments to come in properly : ,)

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