Friday, May 18, 2007

Creating a bowl of Samplers

Creating Samplers for demonstrations, benefits, and workshops:

I wanted to have a sample prepared for everyone who was going to be in attendance, which amounted to 55 people. I brought out all my perfumes and made full 1 ml samplers. Each were labeled and each of the labels had a piece of scotch tape placed upon it to secure and protect the labels against leaks and dribbles.

I went through several scenarios on how best to distribute these 55 samples of 23 of my formulations. Most of the ideas I came up with were not good as they were too convoluted. In the end, I thought of cards to place the samplers on.

I wanted everything to be in the same place so only one item need be taken. On one side of the sheet, I printed my business card information. On the other side, I had the ingredients for the attached perfume. There was no software program for me to follow along so I created my own thing.

Here, the sheet shows the ten different areas for the perfume formulations to be shown. This is on the reverse side of my business card.

Each card was cut and a single hole was punched in the bottom.

I joined the perfume to the card.

and placed them all in a basket.

Now people can simply choose a card and read the back to see what is in the perfume. They can view the front of the card to see how to get a hold of more, should they find it resonates with them.

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