Saturday, May 19, 2007

Scent Molecules & Perfume Names

Scent Molecules
I love the way my first Aromatherapy teacher explained her concept about how we handle scent molecules. She likened it to a child’s Shape Ball – you know, the one where the kid picks up a block and tries to put it into the matching hole.

When we smell natural aromas, even if they are not pleasant, the nose knows what to do with them and the body can use those molecules for its highest good, or eliminate them.

When we smell a synthetic, it’s like putting the square block into the round hole. :) The Shape Ball doesn’t recognize that square shape in that round hole; meaning, the nose does not recognize that synthetic chemical so doesn’t know what to do with it. So, we begin to sneeze and our body sends out copious amounts of lymph in an effort to escort the invader out. When that doesn't work, it's bad news.

Apparently, our body cannot process synthetic molecules and has a hard time eliminating them. So, the body says, ‘Hey, we can’t use this molecule, so let’s store it over here. Hmmmmm, where? Ahhh, how about in the breast tissue.’ When enough synthetics get stored there, surrounding cells begin to change.

Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about cancer being, not so much about heredity as, about environment. He is an esteemed leader in his field: a cellular biologist, lecturer, and author. He served as an Associate Professor of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine. His DVD, “The Biology of Perception”, is amazing to watch.

Of course, you must remember that the above story is only one woman’s concept and another woman’s agreement with that concept. So, you be the judge.

There is another point I want to make about language and how it may possibly affect us physically. I think of one client who came to me for energy work when she was going through breast cancer treatment. The doctor cured her cancer by removing the tissue and radiating the surrounding cells. Along with chemo, this is standard protocol and thank God it is there.

On the other side of this coin, due to the cancer and the treatment, she was not sleeping well, had no appetite, and felt betrayed by her body. Energy work helped her on all of these issues and she went back to work- cured and healed.

A few years later, she heard I was creating personal perfumes and stopped by for a visit to fill in my forms. One of the questions on the form is, “What is your lifelong favourite perfume?” and her answer was “POISON”. Knowing what she went through with the cancer, it struck me as more than a little interesting.

I have to wonder how much seeing that word POISON and spraying it all over her body every day had to do with the cancer, in the first place. I leave you to ponder.

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