Sunday, May 13, 2007


pictured is our grand daughter Cassidy employing her sense of sight, smell, taste, and touch. :)


Our senses have been divided into five categories: hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching. These are gifts that can be used to centre ourselves and make our lives rich with meaning.

Listening to the sounds of nature, or to other soothing sounds, helps us to ground and relax into our body. If we live in an environment where we are often accosted by harsh noise, we can antidote that by playing the sounds that soothe us within our homes.

Visual arts and crafts give us moments of peace when we scan our surroundings. Our eyes can rest on colour, gentle scenes, contrast, textures, and multiple versions of light. If we have personally made any of these treasures, we are doubly delighted as we recall the experience and satisfaction of our creations.

Scent plays a dominant role in our homes: cooking odors, pet smells, the aroma of our loved ones, perfumes, aftershaves, all a veritable cacophony of memory producing molecules. Perhaps these bring to mind Grandma’s Chili recipe, the first time you held your pet, making love with your partner, or creating a natural perfume for a friend. All of these are powerful memories brought about by stimulation of the olfactory part of the brain.

Tasting that first sip of ‘cuppa’ in the morning is always refreshing. At lunch, we can crunch into a salad made with many colours, textures, aromas, and tastes, contrasting all of that with the sweet, salty, and sour of our favourite dressing. Sinking our teeth into our favourite food, having it burst in our mouth, with the flavors expanding and awakening our little buds, is a glorious event not to be hurried, but to be savored.

There’s something so enlivening about the touch of fabric on the skin: ultra soft cotton, ridged corduroy, crisp linen, satiny silk, and silky satin; the weight of it on our shoulders or hips; and the drape of it around our body and legs. Dressing ourselves for the day can be a time of remembering to love this beautiful body we live in. we can clothe it in gorgeous colours, designs, and symbology that are unique to us.

We are here to enjoy our senses as we come to realize they play a role in bridging our physical form to our spiritual being. Giving due appreciation to each of our five senses, using our sixth sense of intuition, and daily working with our seventh sense of spirituality, will keep us living at an optimal level where we can fulfill our purpose and mission while we thoroughly enjoy our lives.

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