Thursday, August 1, 2013

Challenge: Solid Scent for Summer

The results are in:

There was only one person who dared to participate in this challenge and that was – Mary Ellen Dorey of

Name of Perfume: “Morning Meadow”

Vision: In consideration of the challenge ‘citrus floral using a floral wax’ I gravitated to notes that I like. I have been really fascinated with the fir balsams lately. I enjoy their sweet softness, so unexpected when I think of a fir tree. It was important to me to include the mint absolute with the fir and I was drawn to linden flowers, too. Finally, the bitter orange (one I always find so pleasing) lightened up the earthiness of the meadow.

Who Am I in Relation to the Perfume? I am relatively new to the world of natural perfumes, but as I journey down this road, my nose becomes ever clearer (or remembers more) about what works with what and what is pleasing to me on so many levels.

Perfumery to me is a level of beauty that is beyond words. I find it deeply gratifying to compose at the perfume organ. In attempting to sell my aromatherapy and perfumes, I spend most of my time in marketing and not nearly enough time in creative olfactory play.

I was very happy doing this project!

Perfume Notes: Fir balsam, blonde tobacco, frankincense, mint absolute, linden flower, rose floral wax, pink grapefruit, and bitter orange.

Review: The hint of citrus in the top is heralding in the fruity jamminess of fir balsam, which is softened by hay absolute. This is a warm sensuous creamy solid that feels lovely going on, warms to the skin nicely, and exudes its fruity delights for a few hours after application. Nicely done, Mary Ellen.

The Prize: a lovely compact of my recent solid perfume-making adventures – “Ayre’s Country Garden” – will be going out in the mail for Mary Ellen with my heart-felt thanks for participating.

Notes: Ambrette seed, Labdanum resin, Butter CO2, Orris butter, Hyraceum, Jasmine g. floral wax, Rose maroc floral wax, Tuberose floral wax, Jasmine absolute, Rose maroc absolute, Linden blossom absolute (great minds think alike), Mimosa absolute, Tuberose absolute, Lemon 5-fold, Orange 5-fold, and Grapefruit 5-fold in a base of golden beeswax, fractionated coconut oil, and Shea butter.

Since there were no other participants and so no ‘challenge’ there will be no seal or certificate done this time. Mary Ellen and I have agreed to just do an exchange of product. That being said, I wanted to do a write-up to honor her work and the lovely solid perfume she created.

I’ll give it a year and offer this challenge again so you all can participate when you’ve familiarized yourself with the elements and the process.

In the meantime, I hope you will all participate next time we do a challenge this autumn. “Fresh & Airy – reminiscent of snow on the way”. Beginning October 1st with an end-date of November 30th (they have to be in my hot little hands by that date) and the prize being awarded by December 31st. More details will be released on October 1st. Stay tuned.

Love Lyn

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