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Ele-Metal Alchemy Composition for PRIMORDIAL SCENTS

Prologue: Months ago, now, I’d privately told Monica that I would be working on the Water Element for this composition. My Fibonacci Water Perfume, Pink Conch (which will be released later this year) turned out great and I thought I could tweak it into the parameters set out by Monica on Sep 4th.
Things happen in life and, at times, we are forced to slow down and go through the pain in order to recoup and re-group. This happened to me over Dec/Jan/Feb. I had no incoming inspiration about anything at all. I was utterly stalled. I felt like I was waiting for something to happen but I didn’t know what that was. I’ve been in this situation before and I know that nothing can be forced or contrived. I just had to endure it and hoped it would end in time for me to come up with something for this challenge. In February, I was beginning to panic. I had nothing to show for this challenge and I so wanted to be a part of it. Don’t get me wrong, there are always highlights during these dark times, and I was very blessed to have a few of those, like my family being together.

On March 1st, I woke up and was clear as a bell-tone, having done a great deal of personal work over the previous two weeks. I’d had a dream, on Feb 29th and it was shown to me how I would create the perfume; the symbol for it was burned into my memory; these notes were also given so that others can see that no matter what is going on in his or her life, it will change as change is the only constant there is. I was given a name for this fragrance, Ele-Metal Alchemy, and was told it would be designed in five spiralling layers featuring the elements of the first five Chakras. I saw the red atomizer. When I woke up, I quickly went to my computer to journal and get it all going.  

The symbol triangles are denoted as follows: Fire, light red, pointing up; Water, light blue, pointing down; Air, light purple, pointing from right to left; Earth, light yellow, pointing from left to right. All is surrounded by the black, Yin Energy of the Universe, which is physical matter. The Invisible Force, which is Yang Energy, is the Quantum Field from which we all come and to which we all go. The Red Infinity Symbols show the passion we can bring to our lives when we take a stand on our Point of Power (gold circle in the middle).

My symbol depicts a pinwheel. It is spinning clockwise like a Fibonacci spiral, which is found everywhere in our Universe and is full of these Primordial Elements. I consider all clockwise spirals to be a portal into another realm.
This perfume acts as an Aromatic Merkaba to transport you into another dimension of being. Activate it through your Intention by standing in the centre of Gold and folding it up around you. Place a drop of perfume on your wrist then hang on for the ride.


Perfume for the Primordial Scents Perfume ‘Elements’ Composition
Designer: Lyn E. Ayre

This five-layer fragrance was born in the Earth, forged in the Fire, cooled in the Water, and dried in the Air. Then it was blessed by Spirit with the number Three, the Infinity symbol, colour & crystals, toning, and a prayer that it be worn for the highest good of the wearer. It now lives in the Ether around the wearer, balancing and harmonizing the inner and outer elements.

The perfume plays out backwards to how it was created. We detect the first whiffs of scent through the ether. It brings up images of airy clouds in the light blue sky and the ethereal whiffs of pine and spruce bent over from the ocean winds; the honeybee winging from flower to flower; and the green leaves, hanging by a thread and flittering in the wind.

From Crown Chakra to Third Eye, to Throat, then Heart down to Sacral up to Solar Plexus down to Root up, it spirals in Fibonacci fashion.

Crown – the dream is given through Clair-gnosis, as I sleep.

Third Eye – the vision is inwardly viewed and constructed before pen goes to paper or a bottle is even opened. Accords are what is needed for this project.

Heart – The Air accord of pine and mints refreshes the senses and opens them up to the water experience.

Sacral – The Water accord of Ocean tincture (sand, shells, seaweed, sea grass in alcohol), Ambergris, and aqueous White Flowers such as Frangipani, Blue, Pink, & White Lotus, Jasmine sambac, and Neroli remind us of our birth place in the deep primordial oceans of time.

Solar Plexus – The Fire accord of hot spices and balsams burn in the heat of our passion to be more of who we are meant to be.

Root – The Earth layer of Vetiver, Cedar, Hyraceum, Frankincense grounds the wearer into Gaia.

Throat – Ether: This perfume breathes the concept of ‘ONE’ – organized network of energy; It lives the notion of ‘I AM’ – it all matters; it tones the theory of the ‘OM’ – only me. In essence, it says, ‘I am only one but I am one, and only I can take responsibility for my life’s path, and the ultimate ensuing, journey until my last exhale.’
Box ready to go to Monica

Adding Spirit Energy

Preparing the Sample Pouches
Global Ingredients for a global project: Hyraceum and Atlas Cedarwood from Africa; Egyptian Frankincense and Mango leaf; Vetitver and Cinnamon leaf from Sri Lanka; Oceanic Ambergris, and Ocean tincture of seaweed, sea grass, shells, and sand; Hay absolute and Laurel leaf from Spain; American Peru balsam; South American Tolu balsam; Canadian Blue Spruce, Orange Peel, and Honey beeswax tincture; Jasmine sambac absolute, Frangipani absolute, Blue, Pink, White Lotus absolute, and Spearmint, all six from India; Italian Neroli and Petitgrain Orange; Chinese Ginger Root and Michaelia leaf; Peach leaf and Violet leaf from France; Turkish Galbanum; Japanese Peppermint; and Bulgarian Pine; in Perfumers’ Alcohol.
30 ingredients in all = 3 is the number for Spirit
Sold in

Red Metal 10 ml Atomizers (with glass insert)

Please note: This perfume will be sold under the name "One" after this competition.

  On April 19th, I sent the box out to Monica, with my heartfelt thanks for creating and supporting this perfume community in all the ways that she does. Every day, she has our highest good in mind and heart. Every day, she is there for us. Thank you, dear Monica.

Intention & short Meditation:
"Imagine – I stand on the warm sand while the ocean breeze blows through my hair. Foamy water washes over my toes and feet then ankles, wanting to draw me in. I look up into the sky as the seagulls cry. I feel dreamy and peaceful. The wind carries to me the scent of soft flowers and forest. I walk back into the woods, sit beside an old nursery tree, and watch the small animals run round and up and down the trees. I breathe deeply and know that I am at ONE."

Love Lyn

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