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Perfume Review by Bewitchin' Kitchen

Coeur d’Esprit Natural Perfume Review


Tuesday November 9, 2010
The review is live!

About Lyn Ayre:
Years ago, my first Aromatherapy teacher told me that my remedial blends smelled more like perfumes than potions. Creating Perfume formulae is now one of my most rewarding passions.

I realized I had before me a way to help people feel better about them selves; a way to spread a little cheer; a way to get people to relax and live a little. This created in me a happiness that I’d not experienced before.

The first few sales were made to women who had begun to have severe reactions to other perfumes. They were delighted to know they didn’t have to give up perfume but could switch to a ‘natural’ rather easily. My first group of customers keeps coming back for more five years later.

I am an Independent Natural Perfumer, not affiliated with any guild or organization. My process is simple: Inspired by an idea, I go to the computer and see if the formula complies with the safety guidelines. I consider the essences and how they go together and react with one another. I get the oils out, and begin blending, sniffing, adjusting, and testing. When I’m happy, I stop & label, then set it aside to mature. This process can take many months to accomplish.

I am daily filled with the sense of appreciation and awe at the gifts of Gaia, our Mother Earth. Creating perfumes takes me to places of absolute peace, joy, and light, and I am humbled in the presence of these wonderful substances; it is the epitome of excitement, and, for me, the feeling of accomplishment is second to none.

I love perfumes. I love how a scent can alter your mood or send you back to another time in your life. That is what I experienced when I sampled Coeur d'Esprit Natural Perfumes. I was sent the six pack sampler for a review and in the six pack sampler I received:

a la Rouge: A luxurious fragrance created on a bed of roses, davana, ylang, jasmine, lotus, and honeysuckle accord. With lemongrass and an earthy, woody base of Oud, Ambrette, and sandalwood.

Citrance: Lavender, Chamomile, and Litsea with bergamot, lime, and ginger and supported on a base of Cedarwood and vetiver.

Evening Romance: Jasmine, Rose, and Orange flower on a bed full of Ambers and Oakmoss, with Citrus and Pink Pepper head notes.

May Roses Bloom: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Ambergris, Rose de Mai, Tuberose, and luxurious Orris Root. Bergamot, Palma Rosa, and Rosewood begin the procession to dry down.

Paris Nightlife: Mimosa, Linden, Orange Blossom, Ylang, Tuberose, Mango, Blonde Tobac, Orris, and Ambergris. Tangerines and peppers are also included.

Tantric Notions: Spikenard, Sandalwood, Champa, Champa leaf, Ginger, Lavender, Peppers and oranges.

A la Rouge reminds me of a scent I used to wear when I was young and it took me back to when I was a little girl sitting in my room, painting my nails. It's amazing how a scent can bring you back to an exact moment in your life.

My favorite scent out of the sampler set I was sent is the Paris Nightlife. The only word I can use to explain the scent is sensual. The arrangement of the scents are not only interesting but intriguing where it leaves you guessing. It leaves a little mystery.

Lyn Ayre is a talented perfumer and I enjoyed working with her. She is so sweet and is a BC girl like myself (well, originally anyway). Just with the few emails we sent to one another I could tell that she was passionate about what she does and her passion shows in her art. I would recommend her perfume shop to everyone.

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