Monday, July 23, 2007

"Whole Notes" Has Been Reviewed

(I created this fractal image named 'Joy' and it resonates to my newest perfume called "Whole Notes")

**The Perfume Bee, Christine Pierce, has reviewed my latest creation called "Whole Notes". I am so pleased Christine enjoyed this fragrance. Here is the review:

"Last Saturday night I attended a festive evening soiree and wanted to wear a suitably dressy fragrance. I chose “Whole Notes,” a floral oriental perfume from Canadian perfumer Lyn Ayre of Coeur d’Esprit Natural Perfume.

Whole Notes has notes of: Bergamot, Linden Blossom, Pink Lotus, Mimosa, Black Currant Bud, Oud, Clary Sage absolute, and Labdanum.

This beautiful fragrance turned out to be the perfect choice. Whole Notes is subtly elegant and does not overpower even on the sultriest of summer evenings. It opens with a light kiss of Linden Blossom and then deepens into the sweet, heady Mimosa and Pink Lotus notes. The woody, resinous labdanum pulls it together nicely, and contributes to a fairly long-lasting drydown.

Posted by: Christine at 7:40 pm on Sunday, July 22, 2007
Whole notes is available online at
Cost: 10 ml - $37.50; 33 ml - $65.00; 60 ml - $110.00"

**This is the description from my website at

Whole Notes 'Hard to work with!', I hear. 'Not if you know how to talk to them and coax them out to play.', I say. Thick, chunky, and stuck to the lid and sides of the containers, these yummy essences of Linden Blossom, Pink Lotus, Mimosa, Black Current Bud, Oud, Clary Sage absolute, and Labdanum (my favourite) marched in with Bergamot in the lead, are an orchestra worth listening to. I love this perfume. Floriental 2007. Evening wear.

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