Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Honey beesWax Tincture

I purchased some honeybees wax from Summit Farms in Alberta, Canada.

I gathered the supplies I would need to make the tincture: a scale, waxed paper, the sticky honey comb, the solidified beeswax, a sterile jar/knife/spoon, and 190 proof alcohol.
I scraped the comb wax away from the honey and placed it on the waxed paper, and then onto the scale. The aroma is sweet, honeyed, and slightly floral. It weighed 3.8 oz. I shaved enough beeswax off the block to bring the amount up to 4.05 oz.

I placed both the comb wax and the shaved bits from the bees wax block (the only difference is the comb wax is fresh so it is white and the bees wax is golden as it has been around for a short while and also shaped into a block) into a sterile jar. Both of these are highly fragrant.

I added 8 oz of 190 proof alcohol and will leave it to tincture for a few months, shaking it frequently.
One of my thoughts is: I wonder if the end product will be sticky and so not useable as a perfume component. I’m not sure what will happen but will keep you all posted. Life is a big experiment.
... a week later, I'm thinking of adding more beeswax from the block and maybe some of the honey...

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