Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Perfume Review by Cheetah

Cheetah reviewed three of my perfumes: Angel Whispers, Ear d'Esprit, and Midnight Blue. Please check out her website at http://canadianfreestuff.com/coeur-desprit-natural-perfume-review-giveaway-canada-only-0920/ Here are her comments:

"Ok, as most of you may or may not know. I am a girly, girl. I love my hair products, makeup and especially love perfume. I usually stick to one or two scents but have recently ventured out to find new and exciting scents. I have to be careful though, some perfumes can give me a wicked headache and others just make me itch I have tried some different perfume scents over the last few years and have discovered that I like more natural scents. Vanilla and Citrus scents have become my new found favourites.

I was recently given the opportunity to try out some new natural perfumes from a company called Coeur D’Esprit Natural Perfume. This is a company that produces all natural perfumes. Since I am sensitive to a lot of other perfume products on the market today I thought this would be a perfect company to explore.
Coeur D’Esprit Natural Perfume is an independently owned company By Lynn Elizabeth Ayre, who resides in B.C Canada. Lynn is an independent natural perfumer with years of experience.

Here is some interesting facts about Lynn.
o Actively involved with the energy of botanicals/herbs since 1972
o Ph. D. in Energy Healing
o Creating and teaching holistic courses since 1972
o Currently (2008) teaching several holistic courses
o Consistently commended on my teaching methods by my students (both in-person and correspondence), and my peers
o Creating botanically-based tinctures and macerations since 2002
o Creating bath & beauty products since 2002
o Creating perfumes since 2003; daily engaged with perfume ingredients and honing my craft

She works with over 200 essential oils, concentrates, absolutes, attars and ethically harvested & cruelty free animal essentials. Her perfumes are all natural and she spends months selecting, formulating and creating new and exciting natural perfumes that not only smell fantastic but are better for you. Because her perfumes are all natural she pays special attention to ingredients that may cause irritation such as rashes. She is constantly sorting out the oils, sniffing, adjusting and testing her products.
I was recently given the opportunity to try out some samples from Coeur D’Esprit Natural Perfumes. I contacted Lynn and told her that I like light, fresh scents and she suggested three different scents I might like.
The first scent is called Angel Whispers - It is described as; “begins with a feathered brushing of bergamot, orange, and black pepper, which leads the way to an open powdery field of lavender and geranium, as well as fruity notes of Davana, caraway, and Osmanthus, Vanilla, Patchouli, and a delightful dash of chocolate.”
Yum! It sounds good enough to eat orange, vanilla and chocolate I am so there! I also love lavender-so this is perfect for me. When I first smelt the perfume I was concerned that it was a little too strong for me. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I wore it. The scent is indeed true and strong but it mellows over time. However I can truly say that a little goes a long way with these all natural perfumes. The vial that I received was only 1 ml but the smallest amount placed on your wrist or neck lasts a long time. Angel Whispers is a nice soft scent that is not too out spoken. I can definitely smell the lavender notes that are present in this one.
The next perfume sample that I received was Midnight Blue it is described as; “a yummy gourmand scent, which dries down to a fruity grassy floral. Notes of Chocolate and Hay lay the foundation for the Heart of fruity Davana, Jasmine, Mimosa, and Rose. The Head notes add to the menu: Sweet Orange, Lemon grass, and Allspice. They’re going to have to create Sniffers Anonymous for this scent.”
I was amazed by this one. It is so different. I can first smell the rose, then sweet orange and than you are left with the scent of Chocolate with a slight floral scent added. This reminds me of something from my childhood. It is almost the scent of sachets I used to place in my dresser drawers as a child. Maybe it is the Lemon grass that has evoked the memory – I am not sure. It is a calming scent full of memories for me.
The third and final perfume sample I received from Coeur D’Esprit Natural Perfume was Eau d’ Esprit. It is described as; “all parts of the Bitter Orange tree in a perfume formula. With a citrus opening of bergamot fcf (in place of bitter orange), which is not part of the bitter orange tree but also does not have the photo-toxicity of an expressed oil), orange, tangerine, and lime, it evolves to the next layer of orange blossom water absolute, Neroli, orange blossom absolute, and petit grain, drying down to patchouli, labdanum, hyraceum, and amber accord to ground this truly wonderful citrus floral perfume.”

With this scent I immediately pick up the scent of cedarwood. It again is a calming scent that is natural and familiar. It is woodsy and warm and reminds me of the fall. The leaves are falling and you are cosy, wrapped up in a blanket near the crackling fireplace. Then you pick up the scent of orange and tangerine a light citrus fragrance that blends well with the cedarwood. This is a very warm and calming scent for sure and in my opinion perfect for fall.
Lynn has created some really amazing, natural scents that take me back to scents that I have long forgotten about. These essential oils are wonderful and warm my senses. I keeps rubbing my wrists together to enhance the aroma. The natural oils seems to release more fragrance the more you have contact with them. I had forgotten how nice “real” perfumes could be.
I usually spray a body mist 2-3 times before I leave the house but with these natural perfumes I just need a dab to last me all day. I rub the area I have applied the perfume on and it seems to come to life again. It must be the natural oils being warmed up and sending out new aromas. Sometimes I think I smell one thing and then like by magic I pickup another scent. The blends are complex but do indeed complement each other.

Thank you, Cheetah, for your kinds words.

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  1. What a Fabulous review! So nice to read about your success Lyn =)

  2. Congratulations Lyn! the article is fantastic and well deserved.
    hugs, Valerie

  3. Thanks, Valerie. I love making perfumes, as you know. Thank you for introducing me to Aromatherapy all those years ago.
    Love, Your Sister, Lyn