Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fall Perfume Challenge

Time for a little perfume challenge, if you're up for it.

Autumn is on the way and it is a perfect time to make an Oriental Perfume so we can cozy in for a winter of love and intimacy. It can be a floral Oriental, spicy, earthy, whatever you choose. A data tag must be attached ie: name of the perfume, the ingredients, the base, your company information (even if it's simply your name and contact information), the size of the end product ie: 5 ml; precautions, and the 'best before date'.


o submit to me by October 31st (if you email me on Oct 15th, I will let you know where to send it)
o send two 1 ml sample vials of perfume for assessment
o use only 11 Natural Perfume components (not 10; not 12; I'm sure you get the picture)
o base can be oil, alcohol, or wax (these do not count as part of the 11)
o write five sentences that tell the story behind your new creation
o write five sentences about who you are in relation to Natural Perfumery

Natural Perfume Qualities

We are building a ‘perfume pyramid’, which is well supported in the base and that has enough interest to capture the imagination. A natural perfume has the following qualities:
o Balance – so that no single component can be detected (unless it is a soliflore)
o Character – The twists and turns of a perfume as it evolves on the skin. What kind of a perfume is this? Is it a raunchy riot? Is it soft and gentle? Where does it take you? What’s at the heart of it? Does it have personality? Who would this perfume appeal to?
o Diffusion – to surround the wearer with an aura of scent
o Tenacity – staying power is the ability of a perfume to last on the wearer for more than just a couple of hours
o Structure – Is there harmony in the mix? Have the base, heart, and head notes been properly addressed? Are the proportions correct for these ingredients so that there is balance, character, diffusion, and tenacity? Does it have dimension?
This, then, becomes our goal and the benchmark we shall strive for in what we create.

The Winner

I will review and evaluate the submissions looking for the above characteristics, rating each on a scale of 1-10. Should your entry 'win', I will publish a review of your perfume along with your perfume story and five-sentence bio on my Blog. I will also gift you with a 2 ml bottle of "Pagoda Peace", my new Oriental Perfume coming out this fall.

Everyone one who submits a perfume will get recognized in a separate post along with my comments and my thanks for participating.

If you've been thinking about it and putting it off for some reason, now might be a good time to get your Blog or web-presence happening because, if you win, what better way to start your first Blog entry than to state, 'I won!'

Please contact me now to Register (send your photo, full name, and address) and let me know your intentions about doing this challenge. I look forward to having my own personal sniffarama very soon.

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