Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Natural Perfumes come of age once more…

In the realm of Natural Perfumery, one of our first tasks is to suspend the belief that they have much in common with the commercial perfumes of today. It is simply not the case.

A century ago, perfumers were using all natural ingredients from nature including essential oils, concretes, attars, absolutes, animal essences, floral waters, tinctures, and so on.

Today, with all the sensitivities that we have developed due to the overwhelming of our olfactory organs, where our sense of smell resides, many of us are choosing to go back to simpler times.

I am one of those. The perfumes I create are made from some of the above mentioned natural ingredients. The exception is that I do not use animal essences that have been obtained using cruel methods. The animal essences have long since dissociated from the animal in question and been rendered pure though eons of sun, ocean, wind, earth, and fire.

Perfume Policy
With Natural Perfumes, you need not worry about polluting the environment with scent or being on the wrong side of a perfume policy. Only those in your scent circle will know you are wearing perfume; it's like having a delicious secret.

A Little Dab'lldoya
These perfumes are created from concentrated essences so there is no need for more than a little dab or spray. Essential oils are volatile and release their fragrance into the air. So, if the scent fades hours later, you can simply re-apply.

I always suggest that the best place to dab or spray natural perfumes is in the cleavage. The body heat will cause the oils to volatize and the scent will rise to the nose. Other good spots are the inner wrists & elbows, and the back of your knees. Some say -put it wherever you want to be kissed- I say use caution in sensitive areas.

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